1. To produce historical knowledge.
  2. To promote archaeological and ethnographical research in Pakistan.
  3. To search out convergences and divergences in Pakistani culture in the framework of continuity and change.
  4. To preserve the cultural heritage of Pakistan by its reclamation.
  5. To lead the people, especially Asians, towards a new world of progress and development by pooling the intellectual resources of the scholars and academics related to Asia.
  6. A regular bi-annual journal under the title of Journal of Asian Civilizations is being published aiming at the promotion of research vis-à -vis Asian civilizations.
  7. To publish monographs and books.
  8. To acquire books for Dr. A.H. Dani Memorial Library through donations, exchange and purchase.
  9. To hold national and international seminars on different themes of Asian studies.
  10. Collaboration with UNESCO & other International Agencies as well as foreign universities.
  11. To hold exhibitions of cultural heritage of Pakistan as well as foreign countries.