We have signed and MoU with French Archaeological Mission to train our students in Pakistan and in France. 10 students and faculty have benefitted from the agreement since 2016 who have not only worked with the French team in Pakistan but have visited France for learning about archaeological laboratory work. Dr. Aurore Didier and David have been very kind to train our students in the field and lab. While Mr. David has kindly promised to help us establishing Conservation and photography lab in the new building that will boost the capacity of our faculty and students of Archaeology.

MoU with Italian Mission has benefitted tens of students from its field training in Swat. Two special issues of the Journal of Asian Civilizations have been published under this MoU to highlight the fieldwork of Italian Archaeologists in Pakistan since 1956. Besides the training, specialized lectures have been delivered by the Italian scholars.

Another MoU between Quaid-i-Azam University and Ca’ Foscari University, Venice was signed in 2017. Two Italian students have benefitted from it. One each came to follow courses in QAU for a semester. One of our non-PhD employee and MPhil student has got admission in PhD in Ca’ Foscari and her PhD is in progress under the MoU. An edited book of 900 pages on Pre-history of Pakistan is under process of publication with the help of Italian embassy in Islamabad.

An agreement between TIAC, QAU and Heidelberg University, Germany and Achen Center for documentation, Germany materialized in an International workshop on the Cultural Heritage of the Buddhist Gandhara in 2010.

Collaboration between the University of Wisconsin-Madison is in progress in which our faculty has worked with the American Scholars in USA and Pakistan for capacity building.
We have signed MoUs with Federal and Provincial Departments of Archaeology and Museums Pakistan so that our faculty and students can work in the field without any hurdles and training of our students in the field.

An MoU was signed between Society of Asian Civilizations Pakistan (SACP) and TIAC in 2018 for collaboration in organizing conferences. The same year it resulted in a conference in Islamabad. The two are interested to renew it and join hands for future collaboration in different events of mutual interest so that they can achieve their common goal of promoting the culture of Pakistan.

Recently an MoU was signed between the Silk Road Center and TIAC for collaborating in organizing an International Conference on Buddhism in Pakistan to promote religious tourism. The conference dates are 11th and 12th October 2021. On 13th and 14th October 2021 participants will be visiting Buddhist Stupa and Monastery sites.