A museum was established inside the premises to house archaeological and ethnological materials of Pakistan. The collection of the museum consist of Pre-historic, Proto-historic, Gandhara Grave Culture, Gandhara, Turkshahi and Hindushahi period objects and materials of Islamic culture, numismatics, and ethnological objects of Pakistan.

The museum also arranges lectures of eminent scholars on various aspects of Museum studies, Archaeology, Art and Culture. It also arranges the exhibitions, guided tours for students and visitor, training course in museum studies, periodical workshops and symposia on different related subjects.

Museum Timings

0930 to 1600 hours (Monday to Friday)

Guided Tours

Free guided tours are available for students and groups of visitors.

Museum Collection

  • Fossilized material
  • Stone Age tools
  • KotDijian
  • Pre-Harappan
  • Indus
  • Gandhara
  • Hindu Shahi
  • Islamic
  • Arts and crafts of Pakistan