M.Sc Archaeology

A total of 60 credit hours of course work is required for an M.Sc in Archaeology. All courses carry three credit hours. As such, 9 are compulsory courses and 5 are optional. A field work and seminar equivalent of 4 courses and a thesis and comprehensive examination equal to 2 courses are required to be taken.

Compulsory Courses

Code No.TitleCredit Hour
Arch-301 Introduction to Archaeology 3
Arch-302 Issues in Research Methodology 3
Arch-303 Gandhara Civilization 3
Arch-304 Introduction to Numismatics 3
Arch-305 Pre-History of South Asia 3
Arch-306 History and Theories of Museum  3
Arch-307 Ancient Civilizations 3
Arch-308 Palaeography and Epigraphic Studies in South Asian Archaeology 3
Arch-309 Art and Archaeology of the Muslim South Asia 3


Optional Courses

Code No.TitleCredit Hour
Arch-310 Art and Architecture of the IndusValley 3
Arch-311 Ancient History of Pakistan and India 3
Arch-312 Muslim History of Pakistan and India 3
Arch-313 Theory and Science in Archaeology 3
Arch-314 Early Muslim Architecture in the Middle East 3
Arch-315 Colonial Architecture of Pakistan and India 3
Arch-316 Muslim Calligraphy, Paintings, Minor Arts and Crafts 3
Arch-317 Traditional Arts and Crafts of Pakistan 3
Arch-318 Folk Heritage of Pakistan 3
Arch-319 Tourism in Pakistan 3
Arch-320 Cultural Anthropology 3
Arch-321 Archaeological Conservation 3
Arch-322 Physical Anthropology 3
Arch-323 Prehistory of Mesopotamia 3
Arch-324 Burial Archaeology 3
Arch-325 Buddhist Art of Central Asia 3
Arch-326 Field Archaeology (Theory) 3
Arch-327 Field Archaeology (Practical) 3
Arch-328 Ancient Religions of South Asia 3
Arch-329 Hindu and Jain Art of Pakistan and India 3
Arch-330 Buddhist Art of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Central Asia 3
Arch-331 Introduction GIS 3
Arch-332 Underwater Archaeology 3
Arch-333 Roman Archaeology 3
Arch-334 Zoo archaeology 3
Arch-335 Art and Architecture of Persia 3
Arch-336 Greek Archaeology 3
Arch-337 Principals and Practices of Scientific Dating 3
Arch-338 Ceramic Analysis 3
Arch-339 Environmental Archaeology 3
Arch-340 Rock Art and Inscriptions of Pakistan 3
Arch-341 Lithic Analysis 3
Arch-342 Archaeological Photography 3
Arch-343 Interpreting Archaeological Data 3
Arch-344 Art and Archaeology of the Silk Road 3

Compulsory Field Work

Code No.TitleCredit Hour
Arch-345 Review of literature and Research Design 3
Arch-346 Field Data Collection 4
Arch-347 Seminar 2
Arch-348 Report Writing 3


Thesis Evaluation and Comprehensive Examination

Code No.TitleCredit Hour
Arch-349 Thesis and Defense 4
Arch-350 Comprehensive Examination 2

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